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Types of Stocks

moneySecuring capital is a primary concern for today’s entrepreneur and small businessman. There are many options available such as venture capital or angel investors. These professionals offer the funds the business may need in order to grow or create a new line of products. The primary purpose of these types of capital is to help the business achieve a level of success until it can be traded publicly. Publicly traded stocks can fall into different categories and offer investors different levels of returns. It might be a lot simpler if there was only one kind of stock, but it would not allow for as much versatility either. Even though most companies trade common shares, there are other classes of stocks as well. Read the rest of this entry

Recent Acquisitions by Facebook

facebookNo doubt when social media is mentioned, Facebook is one of the first things that come to mind. The social media giant did have a rocky IPO, but it looks like this is behind them and they have continued to branch out and add more depth to their mobile platforms. When a venture capitalist like Efraim Landa invests in a company, the hope is that it will be profitable and eventually pay off. Facebook is making it pay off for several venture capitalist investments. They have made several acquisitions over the last year. Here are a few of those acquisitions. Read the rest of this entry

Recent Acquisitions by Google

googleThe search giant Google has made multiple acquisitions in the past year. During the first quarter alone, they spent nearly $300 million on eight acquisitions according to the paperwork filed with the government. Google’s reasoning behind the numerous acquisitions is simple to “generally enhance the breadth and depth of their expertise in engineering and other functional areas, their technologies and product offerings.” The shocker is not so much that they made so many acquisitions in the first quarter of 2013, but that they spent so much doing it. Of course the largest fear is that the search giant might not be able to develop the acquired businesses or technologies further which is the goal of the venture capitalist. Read the rest of this entry