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Tips for the Venture Capitalist

Venture CapitalistA venture capitalist is defined as one who invests long-term and relies on a hands-on approach with each of their investments and works actively with entrepreneurial teams that specialize in management so that they can create awesome companies.

Understanding How Venture Capital Works

Anytime someone starts a new business, it takes money to get it up and running. It takes money to rent or purchase office space, equipment, furniture, and supplies. While avenues such as tapping into your personal savings, getting a bank loan or bootstrapping are ways to get money for the startup costs, venture capital is another choice. You will often hear about a private equity firm when it comes to venture capital. There are a few different choices when it comes to choosing a private equity firm. Some are known as passive investors while other is active investors. Read the rest of this entry

What kind of return can I expect on a VC investment?

Internet-EconomyThere are many schools of thought about the venture capitalist today. Some call them vultures, others use the term opportunists. No matter what your sentiment, you have to admit that it is certainly a riskier investment than some of the other options. The intent when a VC firm like Effi Enterprises helps fund a business is that it will help ensure that the business has what it needs to become successful and profitable for all parties concerned. There is not a predetermined formula that can help a VC firm know exactly how much they will make in the end. But there are a few clues as to what can be expected in return for the investment. Read the rest of this entry

VC Trends in the Middle East

Over the last decade, the state of venture capital in the Middle East has gone from virtually nonexistent to an industry facing a shakeout. The sector’s breakneck evolution has made it difficult for investors and venture capitalists like Efraim Landa, to obtain a clear picture of the industry’s underlying VC fundamentals in the Middle East. This being the case, they have been understandably cautious about directing their funds to regional venture capital firms. To meet these expectations, the richest countries are investing billions in large-scale projects that will need to be supplemented by private funding and that will directly and indirectly stimulate economic activity. Read the rest of this entry

Venture Capital Market in Finland

Flag in Finland

Flag of Finland

When a venture capitalist firm such as Effi Enterprises invests funds in a business it is for the sole purpose of helping the business grow until it is profitable. A venture capitalist such as Efraim Landa invests capital and expertise in a company which has great potential for growth and when it has reached the goals set forth, the VC firm as well as the company will realize a substantial return on their investments. This type of funding occurs all over the world with much the same results. Sure it is a risky business to be in but Efraim Landa understands the work and funding that it takes to make a business become successful and takes the risks necessary to see the company succeed. Read the rest of this entry

Venture Capital in Thailand

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Flag of Thailand

Venture capital is funding provided to emerging businesses and startup companies that have extreme potential for growth but lack the financial capital needed to make their business visions into a reality.  Venture capital firms, like Effi Enterprises take up the important task of helping those companies find the funding they need to take their businesses public in ten years or less.  Many investments can be risky endeavors, but can yield extreme profit.  Along with providing the finances needed, venture capital firms like Effi Enterprises, also guide the companies with managerial assistance and business advice to make sure the company becomes a success.  Thailand’s venture capital market has potential for growth, but has limited exposure to the use of venture capital funding.  Even though its venture capital industry is not fully developed at the present moment, it is a place venture capital firms should continue to monitor for opportunity in the future.  Read the rest of this entry

VC Market in Argentina

Argentina VC Market

Argentina Flag

Venture capital firms such as Effi Enterprises seek out companies with significant potential for growth.  These early-stage companies have extreme potential for improvement, but assistance from a firm like Effi Enterprises is all they lack.  In exchange for equity in the company, venture capital firms will invest large amounts of financial capital into the startup to give it the boost necessary to become successful.  They are always watching the global market to find emerging enterprises and provide those businesses with the funding they need to succeed.  With a developing economy and strong technology and software industries, Argentina is a place of potential and venture capital firms around the world are noticing. Read the rest of this entry