About Efraim Landa

Efraim Landa

Efraim Landa

Efraim Landa is a venture capitalist who has established himself as a leader in many business fields. His background in entrepreneurship provides a solid foundation for him to offer expertise to early startups seeking his assistance. He is also a leader in the world of technological advancements in the world of medical devices. His engineering background has provided the groundwork to lead research and technological advancements in high-tech medical equipment, a field where he sets himself apart from many others. Landa has accrued over three decades of valuable experience that he now shares with entrepreneurs seeking to rise to the top in their business area. Mr. Landa is equipped and eager to provide the assistance needed to ensure their success.

Background and Experience

Landa’s educational background provides a firm foundation for founding and co-founding different medical companies such as Fidelity Medical, Inc. This is a company which deals with a variety of computer based medical technology devices and equipment. Not only did he help start this company, he also served as its CEO, chairman and president from 1978 to 1992. Prior to that Landa received his education at Technion Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor’s in Science Engineering and Computer Sciences. Once he completed the work for his undergrad degree, he went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Science and Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. His educational background in technology and engineering has provided the knowledge he needed to create a variety of high-tech medical devices and instruments that are used widely in the field of medicine today.

Effi Enterprises

In 1992, Efraim Landa founded his own venture capital firm, Effi Enterprises. It is a VC firm known to provide services to clients who are seeking a funding source and investors needed to ensure their startup business succeeds. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the challenges a startup faces and can offer his expertise based on actual hands-on experience. Businesses who enlist the services of Mr. Landa benefit not only from the capital he provides, but also from his knowledge and decades of managerial experience. His years of involvement in the business world as an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist allows him to offer beneficial financial advice that can keep a business in early stages out of money troubles. He can walk them through the growth stages of their business and help them avoid some of the most common mistakes made by startups.

GlucoVista Inc.

Efraim Landa was instrumental in co-founding GlucoVista LLC in 2007. He continues to serve as the company’s chairman and CEO. The engineers for GlucoVista are located in both Israel and Fairfeld, New Jersey. The primary purpose behind the inception of GlucoVista is to help develop and improve technologically advanced medical equipment and devices. The most prominent work that has come from this company is the creation and development of a device which can check blood sugar levels without using invasive measures. For many diabetics this is a relief as most of the traditional devices use invasive procedures to check a person’s sugar level. Over time, this can be tiring for patients. By developing a non-invasive version of this device, patients are more likely to check their blood sugar levels more frequently as prescribed by a health professional. This ensures them better health and more manageable diabetes in the long run.

Diabetes tests

Diabetes tests

The invention of this non-invasive device is one of the major developments made by GlucoVista. Once the device was created, engineers went to work on making it smaller and easier to handle. A palm-sized version of this device was released in 2010 which was a great accomplishment. The company continues to carry out research and testing of medical devices in two of the top hospitals in Israel. Prior to working on the glucometer, Landa worked on the development of specialized equipment that would make it easier for cardiologists to store cardiac images of their patients.

Landa’s work on these and other technologically advanced medical devices has helped improve patient care as well as improving physician’s efficiency in providing this care.

What Efraim Landa Does

Efraim Landa has the perfect background to be able to help today’s innovative entrepreneurs. His educational background provides what he needs to help with cutting edge technological advancements for today’s medical equipment. Although his most notable work has been done through the two companies he has founded or co-founded, Effi Enterprises and GlucoVista, he has been involved with a wide variety of companies and businesses along the way. By being involved in a variety of business settings Landa has acquired a broad base of knowledge and different perspectives from which he can offer advice to entrepreneurs in a variety of business areas.

Landa is a venture capitalist who provides the capital needed for many startup businesses. When a company has Landa come on board they benefit from his many years of experience and his broad knowledge base. He can assist a new company in a variety of ways by providing needed funding and offering his expertise and experience. He has the ability and skills to take a business from the point of a dream or idea, to inception and help them establish themselves in their respective industry. Effi Enterprises was established to help entrepreneurs turn their business idea into a successful venture. Landa pursues excellence in every area of life and works with businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve nothing less.

Efraim Landa has established himself as a reputable entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has been instrumental in helping to develop life-saving and life altering medical equipment. His involvement in the medical community has helped him become a well-respected professional known for taking his medical advancements around the world. The devices he has helped invent or improve are making a difference in medical treatment and lives on a global scale. He continues to offer his expertise and broad range of experience to help businesses become established in their industries.

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